Welcome to the M. E. Barber Project


Welcome to the M. E. Barber Project, a heritage project of asweetsavor.org. Our goal is to make all of Margaret Emma Barber’s extant history, hymns, and writings freely available online. This deeply spiritual servant of the Lord is far from well-known today. Even those who appreciate a few of her hymns know little about her life. Much of her story can be found in only a few books, several of which are out of print, and little of the content appears to be accessible online.

This project has been designed as a ‘Wiki’ style library of all things M. E. Barber. A few summary articles below will lead you down different pathways you can explore. And the ‘Wiki’ style encourages you to learn according to your own interest. Any highlighted name or phrase can be double clicked on, bringing you to a new article.

Start with - Overview of Margaret Emma Barber - Introduction to Miss Barber's Poems - Maxims of Miss Barber - What's New to learn about M. E. Barber.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at mebarberproject@gmail.com