Verses of a Pilgrim


This is the only volume of M. E. Barber’s poems which she endeavored to publish. It contains forty-two poems, with most poems taking up a single page. It was published after her death by her niece, Miss M. L. S. Ballord. The foreword and table of contents are recorded below, taken from a picture of the book in its first printing.

The table of contents lists Miss Barber’s poems by their titles; however, most hymnals have not preserved these titles and we now know them usually by only their first lines. In fact, comparing Verses of a Pilgrim to Anchored to Infinity is the only way we have been able to determine which poems go with which titles. Their common names and/or the first lines are placed under each entry for clarity.


The writer of these little song-messages had, during the last few months of her life, a strong desire to send out some of the words of comfort the Lord had given her in booklet form, in order to reach a wider circle of the Lord’s own. He took her to Himself before this desire could be realized, but they are now sent forth with the prayer that they may bring some cheer to fellow-pilgrims, travelling Home to God.

M. L. S. B.

Pagoda Anchorage, Fukein, CHINA.

October 1930.

Table of Contents


  1. The Path I travel.
    1. If The Path I Travel
  2. Rapture.
    1. Watch For the Morning Is Breaking
  3. El Shaddai.
    1. Deep Down into the Depths of this Thy Name
  4. “I press on.”
    1. On toward the Goal! Press on!
  5. “Wrecked.”
    1. Wrecked Outright
  6. My Cup Runnerth Over.”
    1. There Is Always Something Over
  7. Poems - Cherith
  8. God is faithful.
  9. “This is my Beloved and this is my Friend.”
    1. Thou Magnet of My Soul
  10. Nothing for Him.”
  11. Lord, if it be Thou.”
  12. Keep the incense burning.”
  13. “These are they which follow the Lamb.”
    1. Via Bethlehem We Journey
  14. Jehovah-Jesus.
    1. Lift that Name high!
  15. Victory
  16. Christ is Victor.
    1. Hallelujah! Christ is Victor
  17. “The Name which is above every name.”
    1. In the Mighty Name of Jesus
  18. I dare not be defeated.
  19. The Will of the Lord be done.”
    1. Adapted as To the Foe My Word Is Always No
  20. Jesus.
    1. Glorious, Mighty Name of Jesus
  21. Keep up the Song of Faith.
  22. Obedience.
    1. Can You Be Obedient
  23. In the Wilderness for God.
  24. Obedience
    1. If I obey Him, can I not trust Him
  25. Ask in faith.”
  26. The Breath of Prayer.
  27. Call unto Me and I will answer thee.
  28. God’s Word.
  29. Filled.
  30. “Not I but Christ.”
    1. Not Where We Elect To Go
  31. Praise in the Dark.
  32. That no man take thy crown.”
  33. The Pilgrim.
    1. He Looked For A City
  34. The Path.
  35. Waiting!
    1. We Are Waiting for Thee
  36. If the Lord still tarry.
  37. Rapture.
  38. The King is coming soon.
  39. Waiting!
  40. Miracles of Love and Power.
  41. The End Crowns All.
  42. Rapture!
    1. The Days May Yet Grow Darker

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