Poems - Pray Ye Therefore

“Pray Ye Therefore.”

“Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few;” Matthew 9:37 (RSV)

Verse 1

Send forth Thy labourers, Lord!
Into the world’s wide field;
Cause waiting souls to hear Thy voice
Cause wavering hearts to yield.

Verse 2

Send forth Thy labourers, Lord!
The people of Thy choice;
Let only those go forth to serve
Who know and love Thy voice.

Verse 3

Send forth Thy labourers, Lord!
Thou, only Thou, canst see
The misery, unrest, and pain
Of souls which pant for Thee.

Verse 4

Send forth Thy labourers, Lord!
Their numbers still are few, The time is short, the work is great
Which Thou wouldst have us do.

Verse 5

Send forth Thy labourers, Lord!
Choose Thou each servant’s place,
Let each one be to sin-bound souls
A channel of Thy grace.

Verse 6

Send forth Thy labourers, Lord!
Tho’ great the barriers be
Which keep Thy willing servants back,
They are as nought to Thee.

Verse 7

Send forth Thy labourers, Lord!
We plead afresh to-day;
This prayer, which Thou Thyself hast given,
Before Thy throne we lay.

Earliest Known Publication: CMS Awake!, Volume 7, Issue 74. February 1897. London: Church Missionary Society.

In CMS Awake! this poem was published with the following note from the editors:

(This missionary hymn has been sent home by Miss M. E. Barber, of Fuh-kien. Let us all join in her prayer, and be willing, as she was, to be “sent forth” ourselves if God so wills.—Ed.)

One wonders if Miss Barber intended Matthew 9:38 to head this poem (“pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”), but it was published as is above.

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