Related Letters - 1906.06.08 Mrs. Lloyd and Miss Barr to Mr. Baring Gould


Yats-Ding[?] Hospital
8th June 1906

Dear Mr. Baring-Gould,

We were greatly surprised to learn a few days ago that Miss Barber without the knowledge or consent of Women’s Conference had sent you a long memorandum on the subject of Staff Missionaries. We would point out that although Miss Barber read the Memorandum before the Conference as being her individual opinions on the subject, it must not be considered as emanating from the Conference, or as embodying its views on the subject, such views being expressed in Minute 46 of Women’s Conference November 1905.

We are sorry to trouble you with a letter but felt it right to let you know this so as to prevent any misunderstanding.

Will you kindly shew this letter to Mr. Fox & Mr. Baylis, as Miss Barber also wrote to them.

With kind regards,
Yours sincerely
Martha R. Barr
Julia Lloyd
President of Women’s Conference

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