Poems - If I obey Him, Can I not trust Him


Verse 1
If I obey Him,
Can I not trust Him
Whate’er the test, to carry me through?
So I obey Him,
Joyfully trust Him,
Doing whatever He tells me to do.

Verse 2
If I obey Him,
His is the burden,
Mine the obedience due to my Lord:
So I obey Him,
Standing in triumph,
Firmly upon His omnipotent Word.

Verse 3
Blessed obedience,
Bringing my Master
Nearer and nearer each time I obey:
And dost thou ask me,
What is thy guerdon?*
‘Tis that He gives me more power to obey.

*A guerdon is a word for a reward or prize.


  • Anchored To Infinity: 48
  • A Seed Sown In China: 177

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