Poems - My Cup Runneth Over

This is the printed title for “There Is Always Something Over””. The poem was featured in Streams in the Desert in the entry for May 27th. The version below is taken from the 1925 copyright of the devotional. It is similar but not identical to what was printed in The Verses of a Pilgrim.

The bolded words differ from Songs and Hymns of Life and Hymns. This version is almost identical to that printed in Christ in Song.

“My Cup Runneth Over”

Verse 1
There is always something over,
When we trust out gracious Lord;
Every cup He fills o’erfloweth,
His great rivers all are broad.
Nothing narrow, nothing stinted,
Ever issues from His store;
To His own He gives full measure,
Running over, evermore.

Verse 2
There is always something over,
When we, from the Father’s hand,
Take our portion with thanksgiving
Praising for the path He planned.
Satisfaction, full and deepening,
Fills the soul, and lights the eye,
When the heart has trusted Jesus
All its need to satisfy.

Verse 3
There is always something over,
When we tell of all His love;
Unplumbed depths still lie beneath us,
Unscaled heights rise far above:
Human lips can never utter
All His wondrous tenderness,
We can only praise and wonder,
And His name forever bless.

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