Wrecked Outright in Anchored to Infinity


At her return, she lived near the harbor in White Teeth Rock . As she opened her windows, she could see the boats and ships departing and arriving at the harbor. After witnessing a boat being wrecked by many horrible nights of storms at high sea, Ms. Barber saw herself as the boat wrecked by the circumstances. It inspired her to cry out, in a song, “Wrecked outright on Jesus’ breast!” Though as a boat with a broken sail, she discovered herself to be lost in the ocean of God’s love Though she could not sail on her own, she was now tossed to and fro by the wave of the Spirit of God, set out to discover the unsearchable depth of His love!1


1 - Chen, Christian. Anchored To Infinity: Margaret E. Barber’s Best-Loved Poems. Taipei: Living Word Publications, 1995,page 9

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