Poems - Lord What Wilt Thou Have Me Do

“Lord, What Wilt Thou Have Me To Do?”

Verse 1

It was Thy voice, Lord Jesus,
That called the Twelve to Thee,
And bade them teach all nations
The truth which makes us free.
Thine was their strength to labour,
Thy choice the path they trod
Through danger, joy, and sorrow
To perfect rest with God.

Verse 2

‘Twas at Thy look, O Master,
That Gideon arose,
To lead victorious Israel
Against her mighty foes.
Thou callest us, O Saviour,
And we would fain obey.
Our hearts are Thine, and ready,
But choose Thou, Lord, our way.

Verse 3

If with some heathen stronghold
We wage Thy sacred war,
Give us such grace as guided
Thy holy ones of yore.
And if our humbler portion
In rear rank to abide,
Still may we press Thy footprints
And follow Thee, our Guide.

Verse 4

Look on Thy waiting servants
To strengthen with Thy might;
We, “looking unto Jesus,”
Will seek to walk aright.
Whene’er, where’er Thou leadest,
Our path be Thine alone,
Until, life’s warfare ended,
We see Thee on Thy Throne.

M. E. B. (Gleaner 3,593)

Meter: Published:
Earliest Known Publication: The Church Missionary Gleaner Volume 26, Issue 310. 1899. London: Church Missionary Society.

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