Related Letters - 1904.11.29 William Muller to Baring-Gould


Church Missionary Society.
Nov. 29h 1904;

Dear Mr. Bearing Gould.

You will be glad to hear that our various Conferences went off most harmoniously, due doubtless, to a great degree, to Mr. Holden’s visit to us in the summer.

I am forwarding the Minutes of Conference through the Bishop, for his perusal, and he will post them on to Salisbury Square by the same mail as this will catch, if possible.

There is nothing in the Minutes of Comference, [sic] I think, that requires any explanation or comment from me; only one thing I would ask in reference to Res. vii. does the term “local authority” in the C.M.S. Regulations, Part II. always refer to the same body, and is that body the Fuh-kie Conference, or is the term to be interpreted according to the context in which it occurs?

Also we should be glad to know, for our guidance, who are the “Representatives of the Society in the Mission”. In the case of ladies is it Women’s Conference, and in the case of men is it Conference?

The follow is a list of enclosures I am sending with this.

Minutes of Women’s Conference.
. . Medical Sub-Conference.
. . Executive Committee.
. . Provincial Council.
. . Educational Committee.

Letter from Rev. J.B.Carpenter, re Res. xxx.
Petition from Lieng Kong N.C.C. [Native Church Council] re Res. xxviii.

With kind regards,

Yours very sincerely
William Muller

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