Letters - 1903.12.13 - to Mr. Baring-Gould


Sharp Peak
December 13, 1903

Dear Mr. Baring-Gould,

Thank you very much for seeing about the 2 pounds of our school which has been paid out to us. You will be glad to know that God has restored Miss Bushell and myself to comparative health and that we are daily gaining strength after typhoid fever.

Miss Bushell has been down here about 17 days but I only came last Tuesday. Just as I was recovering from typhoid I had an attack of malaria and nearly died. God’s goodness has been unspeakable and there are many sweet secrets between my Lord and me since and during my illness. I only trust my restored life may be to His glory. I should like to send you a letter about our work and other questions when I get strong. We need the outlying stations which are so efficiently “manned” by our self-denying women missionaries and God is setting His seal upon our present methods.
I am
Yours sincerely
M. E. Barber

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