Letters - 1903.09.03 Circular for the Fuhkien Prayer Union


C. M. S. Girls’ School
S. China

Sept 3. 03

My dear Friends,

It will interest you to hear that yesterday a meeting of all missionaries in this hill was called to consider the forming of a temporary Prayer Union for this province. The object of the Union being to beseech our God to pour upon us, as individuals and as a band of missionaries upon the native Church, the Holy Ghost. The number of missionaries of all denominations now working in Fukien is 300, and it is felt that such a band of men and women baptized with the Spirit of God could move the province from end to end. Yesterday’s meeting was conducted by an ordained minister of the Methodist Church, Dr. Thlinger, and he said that is preparing the programme for the coming native conference, he had been led to feel this own personal need of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, & that he was convinced that this, his need, was the need of the native pastors & teachers throughout the churches of Fukien.

The Rev. Campbell Brown of the Amoy Mission (Ch. of Scotland) followed Dr. Thlinger saying that for some time this subject of how to get the Christian in Fukien to their knees to seek for the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit had been upon his mind & that as he spoke to one & another this same subject seemed to be occupying every one’s thoughts. The men proposed the formation of the Fukien prayer union.

That all members should pledge themselves:

  1. To pray definitely each day for the out-pouring of the Spirit upon the Church in Fukien
  2. That each member try to personally influence every person he or she can, in this great subject, to get all Christians to be of one heart in seeking this blessing.

    Other suggestions followed one of which was that each Sunday in every Mission Station 15 minutes be definitely set aside for prayer for the out-pouting of the Holy Ghost. Dr McGowan of Amoy then added his testimony to the fact that only God could move the Church & quicken us into newness of life. He said that as for the machinery it could not be more perfect: we have hospitals, schools, colleges, etc. but that the power was lacking & that power we were bound to seek. Other speakers followed & before the meeting closed the prayer union had come into existence & before long will have within its circle, we doubt not, every one of the 300 missionaries in Fukien. Secretaries are appointed for each district & one definite result hoped for is, that we may be able to get a missioner from the home land to work amongst the native church for perhaps 4 or 6 months. A letter was read at the meeting from one who offered to give 500 dollars to this subject.

    My object in writing this letter is to ask each reader one question: What share will you dear reader or hearer personally take in bringing down this coveted baptism of the Holy Spirit upon the needy Church of Fukien?

    Yours in Christ’s service,
    M. E. Barber

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