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Christian Chen’s original edition of Anchored to Infinity contains much content which is not included in the English edition. The English version retains a brief “Foreword” with some historical account of Miss Barber’s life and writings. The Chinese edition features a much longer 10-part history of Miss Barber’s life, and includes many first-hand accounts from her final years. It appears that Chen was able to track down several Christians who were discipled under her ministry. He has preserved many of their accounts in this book. Outside of Watchman Nee’s accounts, these appear to be the only first-hand records of Miss Barber’s ministry in the 1920’s.

English version

In the year 2000, James Reetzke published his first book on M. E. Barber entitled M. E. Barber: A Brief History of the Lord’s Recovery. In addition to reproducing some of her letters, poems, and original descriptions of her history, Reetzke published an English translation of Chen’s longer Anchored to Infinity. We were able to talk with one of the Christians involved in the translation. According to them, the author was unknown to them at the time of publication. Shortly after the book was released, Reetzke was apparently notified that the 10-part history was under copyright and he ceased to include this work in his latter editions of the biography. M. E. Barber: A Seed Sown In China does not reproduce or incorporate any of this material.

While the first edition of Reetzke’s translation is out of print, it is preserved on a website. We have verified with Living Word Publication that this is indeed a translation of Chen’s Chinese edition of Anchored to Infinity and they have kindly given us permission to cite and reproduce Chen’s work throughout the website. As there is no English edition in print, we will not be able to cite page numbers but will cite which of the 10 sections an anecdote is taken from.

Reetzke’s English translation can be found at

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