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Oct 5, 1905

Dear Mr. Baring Gould

At a meeting of our Station Committee held on the 30 Sept permission was given the Archdeacon to write & sound you on the question of Miss Crumpe’s being asked to join the C.M.S. if the Ladies Conference assented & I agreed to this preliminary step being taken & I should personally have no objection to see Miss Crumpe enrolled amongst our workers, but from what my wife says the Ladies Conf. would I think not admire any action being taken & Miss Locke-King who has just arrived & to whom I mentioned the matter confidentially feels strongly that it would be most unwise to alter the present state of things. If the matter is allowed to go forward it will revive buried animosities & cause I feel fresh difficulties. We are all very good friends with Miss C. in this present unattached position & I hope you will at any rate proceed with great deliberation in the matter as I am sure you will do. If your sanction is not given we do not want it known that you were ever approached on the subject.

[Letter’s complimentary close is illegible]
L.L. Lloyd

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