M. L. S. Ballord

Miss Margaret. L. S. Ballord traveled with Barber to Fuzhou China in 1909. She was twenty-two and Miss Barber’s niece. Her name is not included in the list of new members at Surrey Chapel from 1901-1922 so she likely was a member before that time period. After Miss Barber’s death, she published The Verses of a Pilgrim on Miss Barber’s behalf, and continued the work at White Teeth Rock .

An evangelistic story from their work appeared in a 1927 edition of The Dawn

Little more is yet know about her. In the Missionary notes from Surrey Chapel, there are two mentions of her:

On April 6, 1931, she sent a letter to D. M. Panton thanking him for some money that was sent to her. She mentions Miss Barber’s passing and that “it does not get easier as time passes.”

In August of 1936, a note mentions that Miss Ballord was expected in Norwich on October 24 or 25. This is likely for a temporary furlough.

She remained serving the Lord at Fuzhou until the Communist take over. She departed for England in 1950.

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