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Church Missionary Society. Salisbury Square. London. E.C. 9th December. 1898

My dear Miss Barber,

Just a few lines I must send to acknowledge your letter of October 19th. Your report of the work being carried on in Kengtau by your Station Class was read to our Committee on the 6th, and with you they heartily thank God for what His Grace is enabling the women of Hok-chiang to do for the Master. Cordially do I congratulate you upon having such tokens of God’s blessing resting upon your work.

There is, however, one part of your letter which causes me some anxiety and not a little pain. Unless I misread your letter, there is apparently a possibility of a strain arising between yourself and the Archdeacon. This really must not be. You well know how highly esteemed by the P.C. the Archdeacon is for his well nigh lifelong work in China. Very few can approach him in length of experience or in an accurate knowledge of the Chinese mind. Of course I do not claim for him infallibility, but at all events he has proved himself to be a whole-hearted Missionary, and one who has done more to develope women’s work than almost any other individual.

It is hardly necessary for me to tell you how greatly I rejoice that Dr. Rennie is able to give such an unqualified report with respect to your own health. This is indeed a blessing for which I am sure you heartily thank God.

It is distressing to hear what devastation has been wrought over the whole coast of Fuhkien by the typhoon. While it has meant a serious financial loss to the Society, it has I grieve to hear, caused a considerable loss of life to the Natives.

Trusting that God may give you and all your colleagues every needful gift and grace for your high and holy work, and that you may all be united together in unbroken harmony and mutual confidence.

Ever sincerely yours,
(Sd)[?] B. Barring-Gould
Se. C.M.S.

[To] Miss. M. E. Barber.

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