Letters - 1926.4.2 to D. M. Panton

Pagoda Anchorage
S. China
April 2, 1926

Dear Mr. Panton,

I am sure you will be interested in Dr. Huang’s letter. I sent him Govett’s “Race & Crown.” I only lent it as I have only that one precious copy. He has also the “Vanguard Reprints” which are so precious. Can I get the leaflets from Mr. Tilney? Nothing you ever printed was more valuable than those concise Bible Studies called “Vanguard Reprints.” Why not print one each month in “The Dawn”?

Please do not let Faithful Luke and Watchman Nee (Henry Nga is his home name) worry you with letters. It is so good & kind of you to have written once to them. They are likely to be tiresome. They write to Mr. Wright Hay or any editor whose address they can get & do not understand how precious time is to a busy Editor. For many reasons I think you should not be feeling obliged even to answer their letters. These two young men are in great danger. They have a mental apprehension of God’s Truth which unless lived out will be their peril.

Three sisters & one brother (were) baptised here this week by Leland Wang. We have precious bands of village men & women coming for teaching. Faithful is splendid with personal work & this work among the men & Miss Fek and Miss Ding are much used among the women.

Satan hates this witness. I feel his rage at times but Jesus is Victor & the Lord God is a sun & shield. The Lord will give grace (for today) & glory (Rapture!).
So we press on.

May you be shielded. We pray for you. May you be kept in God’s quiver!

Yours ever gratefully
Margaret Barber
“His Truth shall be thy shield.”

(Written along the left edge)

Dear Folks—Helen Clark! Her last letter drove me to my knees. The Lord keep her.

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