Categories of Poems

Years in parentheses refer to earliest known publication date.

Narrow Path (6) Tough-Love (5) Obedience (5) Positive Devotional (6) Faith in the Lord’s Provision (4) Prayer: Victory (7) Prayer: Enduring (4) Delivered in the last hour (3) Lord’s Return (7) Ministry (6) Other (3)
Poems - If The Path I Travel (1905) Poems - Via Bethlehem We Journey (~1911) Poems - Can You Be Obedient Poems - Thou Magnet of My Soul Poems - There Is Always Something Over (1924) Poems - I Dare Not Be Defeated Poems - Keep the Incense Burning Poems - God Will Answer Poems - Watch for the morning is breaking Poems - Buried (1925) Poems - God’s Word
Poems - That I May Win Christ (1907) Poems - That No Man Take Thy Crown Poems - Not Where We Elect To Go (1926) Poems - Filled Poems - Cherith Poems - Keep Up The Song Of Faith (1926) Poems - The Breath of Prayer Poems - Call Unto Me And I Will Answer Thee Poems - If The Lord Still Tarry Poems - Delivered through Death! Poems - With Him In The Holy Mount (1900)
Poems - Pray Ye Therefore (1897) Poems - The End Crowns All Poems - If I Obey Him, Can I Not Trust Him - Poems - Holy Spirit, Flow Through Me Poems - Deep Down into the Depths of this Thy Name Poems - Victory Poems - Ask in Faith Poems - The Fourth Watch Poems - Waiting Poems - Not Where We Elect To Go Poems - Righteousness or Revenue (1905)
Poems - Wrecked Outright (1926) Poems - Nothing For Him Poems - Lord If It Be Thou Poems - The Path Poems - Miracles of Love and Power Poems - Praise in the Dark Poems - God is Faithful   Poems - The Days May Yet Grow Darker Poems - The Loser Finds(1900)  
Poems - Lord What Wilt Thou Have Me Do (1899) Poems - On toward the Goal! Press on!   Poems - Glorious, Mighty Name of Jesus   Poems - Hallelujah! Christ is Victor     Poems - The King Is Coming Soon Poems - We Which Live (1910)  
Poems - He Looked For A City     Poems - Lift that Name high!   Poems - In the Mighty Name of Jesus     Poems - Rapture Poems - In the Wilderness for God  
          Poems - To the Foe My Word Is Always No     Poems - We Are Waiting For Thee    

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