Poems - That I May Win Christ

“That I May Win Christ.”

This poem was not published with Miss Barber’s hymns in The Verses of a Pilgrim nor was it included in hymnals which feature her hymns. While she was an Anglican missionary, this poem was published in the The Church Missionary Gleaner in 1907. Since then, it has not subsequently be made available in any form that we have found.

“That I May Win Christ” bears a similar devotional depth in keeping with Miss Barber’s finest hymns. It is then unclear why she did not include this poem in The Verses of a Pilgrim or why it has been lost to history. It could easily be paired with a fitting hymn tune to be profitable for private worship or in certain corporate gatherings.


Woo me, O Lord, from easy paths
Whose flowers I gather as I go;
That I, a deeper fellowship
With Thee may daily, hourly know.

Speak to me, Lord, that, as I climb
The steeper heights, my soul may hear
Thy voice, which never fails to nerve
My heart and drive away my fear.

And if, dear Lord, the flesh would fain
Forsake the heights, forego the prize,
Fasten on me Thy look of love
And make me meet Thy searching eyes.

Thus woo me! Speak to me! and be
The Light to lead me on and on,
Until those glorious heights are gained
Where Thou, O Christ, art wholly won.

Fuh-Kien. Margaret E. Barber.

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Earliest Known Publication: The Church Missionary Gleaner, Volume 34, Issue 398. 1907. London: Church Missionary Society.

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