Poems - Delivered through Death!

Delivered through Death!

Verse 1
Art thou delivered unto death?
He was; and still He reigns!
Death only can unloose thy bonds,
And snap the tightening chains.
Fear not to die, for only thus
The power of God can free
Unto undying, glorious life,
Thy spirit-ministry.

Verse 2
We die, to find that death is life,
That suffering is power;
That death brings victory, that our foe
Is robbed of all his power;
We die to rise in endless life,
For evermore to be
In conflict, undismayed and calm,
For death has set us free.

Verse 3
Dead, yet delivered; die, O soul,
Trust God to bring thee through;
Wrecked on thy God, e’en death is gain.
Fear nothing; die; and go
Through death to prove God’s mighty power
To deal with such a foe;
To die in faith, a risen life
By faith, henceforth to know.

Verse 4
Dead, yet delivered; short of death,
The power must be restrained
Which else would snap self’s iron bands, And break the tightening chains;
So die; and dying, God will loose
His power to set thee free,
And thou shalt then, through Calvary’s Cross,
In Christ, a conqueror be.


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Reetzke does not state his source for this poem.

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