Letters - 1901.12.14 to Extract from Annual Letter


One day after the previous letter. This letter is not to Mr. Baring-Gould but appears to be a more formal report to the Mission.


Girls’ Boarding-school
Dec. 14, 1901

I have to report my safe arrival in Fuh-chow on December 4th, and my appointment to this school, where I am giving teaching (in the mornings) and the oversight of day-schools connected with the school, as well as visiting amongst the heathen in the surrounding villages. I am most thankful to be given work I can so thoroughly throw myself into, and I trust that “much fruit” may be gathered in as a result of what God shall do through me. Already in the villages I have found open doors on every hand, and many hearts prepared for the message.

Not the least of my mercies is association in work with two such able and devoted workers as Miss Bushell and Miss Lambert.

My furlough in England was of great benefit to me in every way, and I rejoice to know that, through the limited amount of work I was permitted to do, interest in this glorious enterprise has been quickened and stimulated.


Miss Barber reports her joyful work in her new station. We see a basic description of her daily schedule.

She mentions her able and devoted co-workers. Both Miss Jessy Bushell and Miss Clara Jane Lambert had started with the Fuzhou Mission in 1899.

Her reference to “work I was permitted to do” seems to refer to work for the Mission done during her furlough. Perhaps this refers to the details of the countryside she gave with her October 30th 1900 letter. Or from this we may infer that she participated in some fund-raising on behalf of the mission.

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