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“T.C.D.” In China is a history of the Trinity College Dublin, part of the Dublin University Fukien Mission, from 1885-1935. Written in 1936, the authors R. M. Gwynn, E. M. Norton, and B. W. Simpson were all missionaries in Fukien overlapping at some point with M. E. Barber.

This history is relevant in that the Church of Dublin eventually ran the high school which Watchman Nee and his companions studied at in the 1920’s. Record of the revival and the controversy over their “re-baptism” under the influence of M. E. Barber is recorded. The entry, copied in its entirety below, is brief but of a rare first-hand source.

Meantime, the religious tone of T.C.F. [Trinity College of Foochow] seemed very satisfactory. 1922 the “Student Volunteer Band” (of boys resolved to give their lives to the Christian Ministry) comprised 10 members, and they and others spent their Sunday afternoons in preaching, besides giving much of their time during the summer holidays to conducting free schools for the illiterate.

But other influences came in, and ere long several senior boys, who had been communicants of the C.H.S.K.H., joined a group of “Christians,” and were re-baptised by immersion. The inevitable breach with the Anglican Communion was very unfortunate, but at all events it is gratifying to note that, while these T.C.F. boys have taken a leading part in the spreading of the tenets of this irregular group of Christians, their sincerity and zeal is beyond question, and they have all along remained on terms of affection and friendliness towards their former teachers.

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