Letters - 1896.02.26 1 Mr. Baring-Gould


Hong Kong
C.M.S. Home
Feb 26 1896

Dear Mr. Baring-Gould,

You will be glad to hear that we all arrived quite safely on Sunday last and are having a real time of rest whilst we wait for the boat to take us to Foochow. Six of us who are here with Mr. and Mrs. Bennett and I are staying next door with the F. E. S. ladies. The three Zenana Ladies are staying with the Bishop.

Four of our party have already spent one day at Bishop Burdon’s & I am looking forward to going there tomorrow with Misses Brooks, Harrison & Clemson. We have had a very happy voyage in spite of the fact that some of us were such bad sailors. I am so sorry that I was unable to write again to you whilst on the sea but I was seldom able to do anything. I am splendidly well on land & felling quite strong.

To night we attended the Chinese service. To me it was most solemn. I just long to begin this difficult language that I may be privileged to speak of Jesus to these poor heathen. It is so awful & so solemn to realise their position. We all feel that to be amongst the heathen is a call to us to draw ever nearer & nearer to God. We hope to resume our journey on Friday but may not perhaps be able to sail till Saturday or Sunday. Much as we all enjoy seeing friends here and hearing about the work etc. We long to reach our work.

All are party are well and full of praise to God for all His wonderous love to us. Prayer has been gloriously answered on our behalf.

We will write again on reaching Foochow. God grant to us all “the fullness of the blessing of the Gospel” as we enter China in His Name.

I am
Yours faithfully
Margaret Barber

I thought it better to acknowledge my Instructions etc. separately

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Letters - 1896.02.26 2 Mr. Baring-Gould

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