Poems of M. E. Barber


In alphabetical order:

  1. Buried
  2. Call unto Me and I will answer thee.
  3. Poems - Cherith
  4. Delivered through Death!
  5. God Is Faithful
  6. God Will Answer
  7. God’s Word
  8. Holy Spirit, Flow Through Me
  9. If I obey Him, can I not trust Him
  10. If The Lord Still Tarry
  11. Lord If It Be Thou
  12. Miracles of Love and Power
  13. Nothing For Him
  14. Praise in the Dark
  15. Rapture
  16. That no man take thy crown.”
  17. The Breath of Prayer
  18. The End Crowns All
  19. The Fourth Watch
  20. The King is coming soon
  21. The Path
  22. The Will of the Lord Be Done
  23. Victory
  24. Waiting
  25. We Are Waiting For Thee
  26. We Which Live
  27. That I May Win Christ
  28. Pray Ye Therefore
  29. Lord What Wilt Thou Have Me Do
  30. Righteousness or Revenue?
  31. The Loser Finds
  32. “With Him In The Holy Mount”

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