Letters - 1905.11.28 to Mr. Baring-Gould


C.M.S. Girls’ School
Nov. 28, 1905

Dear Mr. Baring_Gould,

Both Conferences are now over and I have just sent in L(adies) Conference minutes to Mr. Lloyd who will forward them to you. I do not know whether you will see, what is very apparent to me, here on the spot, that the one argument forced upon the junior men has been that proposed new regulations were already determined upon and therefore any protest against them would be in vain.

This was Mrs. Phillips strongest argument and many who feel very strongly that the proposed new regulations are a sheer calamity, are greatly influenced by the attitude of those who say they are in force practically.

Will you bear with me if I make one more appeal? As I listen to our missionaries specially the seniors, and those who will be “Staffs” under the new regime; I cannot but see that C.M.S. has acted on the advice of the “Staff” missionary (in proposing the new regulations) and not on that of the numerically more potent force of the “subordinate.” Is a system good that only one section of the community welcomes?

Is not our present organisation welcome to both senior and junior? Does not this speak for itself?

Such a person as Miss Lambert, I speak from experience and as one who appreciates greatly her ability, would argue for the “Staff” but ask the subordinate how it works? and the answer would convince you that the present L. C. organisation is admirable: and that it is a retrograde step to introduce the new regulations.

I am
Yours faithfully
Margaret E. Barber

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