Letters - 1900.10.31 to Mr. Baring-Gould - Money for Ning Daik


16 Great George Square
Oct 31 1900

Dear Mr. Baring Gould,

I am sorry to trouble you again so soon but last night, Miss Hatfield of the Gleaners Union here called to give me 12 guineas for the work at Ning Daik—this sum has been contributed by Gleaners—I asked her not to give it to me yet as I had a plan about which I must first write to you on. May this £12.12.0 be the nucleus of a fund for building a new house & school for Ning Daik & may I ask the Gleaners to vote it for that purpose? I enclose a copy of a paper I am sending by this post to Miss Boileau.

I am
Yours Sincerely
M. E. Barber

The following was enclosed:

Re: the proposal to enlarge the Ning Daik Home—

For the proposal: a temporary saving of funds.

Against it

  1. The unhealthiness of the present site.
  2. The onslay would be at least $500 which would help towards a new building.
  3. The extreme difficulty of working the district from Ning Daik
  4. With N.D. as headquarters one must be away weeks at a time & all the Chapels are unsuitable to live in for any length of time (this on Miss Bibbs testimony)
  5. District unadvisability of of [sic] grouping so many workers together.
    (a) for their own sakes! (b) for the heathen’s sake (c) this plan carried out means more going & coming of the coolies etc. rendering the home, which should be restful one continuous turmoil since Chinese coolies are so difficult to control & there is no outside building for them to go into - all come into the house.

    The remedy

    A house & school in the North of the district.

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