Poems - Not Where We Elect To Go

“Not I But Christ”

Verse 1
Not where we elect to go,
But where Jesus leads the way,
There the living waters flow,
There our darkness turns to day.

Verse 2
Not our self-appointed task
Will the Lord’s approval win,
But the work we did not ask,
Finished humbly; just for Him.

Verse 3
Not the prayer we long to plead
When we bend before the Throne,
But the touching deeper need
Of the Spirit’s wordless groan.

Verse 4
Not the gift we proudly lay
On His altar will He heed,
If our hearts have said Him, “Nay,”
When He whispered, “I have need.”

Verse 5
Thus we die; and dying live
In the Heavenlies with the Lord
Thus we serve, and pray, and give,
Christ Himself our great Reward.


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