Letters - 1905.12.10 to Mr. Baring-Gould


Dec. 10, 1905

Dear Mr. Baring-Gould

I find that Miss Lee’s name has been omitted in the list of members present at our Conference this year and hasten to apologise for the omission. Her name occurs in the minutes however and this proves her to have been present!

I would like to call your attention to the extract from a letter of Mr. Tonge’s if I may, as it bears out what I feel will be one serious result of the proposed new regulations, “far greater friction.” I know that his remarks apply to the relations between Zenana ladies and C.M.S. missionaries in charge of the district they work in; but his remarks are all the more in point, as, since the relations of the Zenana ladies to the M.I.C.D. haven been understood, and the M.I.C.D. has realised that they (the ladies) are his “fellow-helpers” and not his subordinates, the friction has been appreciably less.

I am
Yours faithfully
Margaret E. Barber

Miss Barber included this section of a letter from Rev. G. Tonge to the Archdeacon Wolfe, written on Sept. 22, 1899.

"We should not be able to consent to our ladies working in entire subordination to every C.M.S. missionary, who may happen to be the Senior Missionary in any place for the time being and *Such subordination would, we fear, be likely to lead to far greater friction if attempted to be enforced*.... I am sure our ladies will gladly assist and cooperate with C.M.S. missionaries all the more gladly when it is not a question of obeying, but of being fellow-helpers in the same cause."  

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