Poems - If The Path I Travel

“That God May Be All In All”

Verse 1
If the path I travel
  Lead me to the cross,
If the way Thou choosest
  Lead to pain and loss,
Let the compensation
  Daily, hourly, be
Shadowless communion,
  Blessed Lord, with Thee.

Verse 2 If there’s less of earth joy,
  Give, Lord, more of heaven.
Let the spirit praise Thee,
  Though the heart be riven;
If sweet earthly ties, Lord,
  Break at Thy decree,
Let the tie that binds us,
  Closer, sweeter, be.

Verse 3
Lonely though the pathway,
  Cheer it with Thy smile;
Be Thou my companion
  Through earth’s little while;
Selfless may I live, Lord,
  By Thy grace to be
Just a cleansed channel
  For Thy life through me.


  • Songs and Hymns of Life: 321
  • Hymns: 377
  • Christ in Song: 666
  • Hymns for the Little Flock: 132

Earliest known publication: The Church Missionary Gleaner, Volume 32, Issue 376. 1905. London: Church Missionary Society.


“If The Path I Travel” by M. E. Barber – Sing With Me

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