Anecdotes of Watchman Nee

  1. Trusting the Lord for Needs

    Once (M. E. Barber) spent her last dollar for the Lord. In a few days, she needed a hundred dollars to pay the wages of her workers. She sat quietly before the Lord and began to praise Him. She wrote a hymn in English (bein an English woman). The message of the hymn is one verse in Psalm 23 which says that the Lord’s cup of blessing runs over. She believed that everything, including silver and gold, would run over for her. But while she wrote this she was actually penniless! When her friend in England saw the hymn, she wrote back and said, “Thank the Lord that He has been so rich to you!” It was true that she was not poor. When the time came to make her payments, the Lord prompted her former pastor in England to wire her a hundred dollars (Nee, Collected Works, 6:872)

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