Letters - 1903.08.19 to Mr. Baring-Gould


Aug. 19, 1903

Dear Mr. Baring-Gould,

Do you think you can get me two pounds mentioned in the letter I enclose sent to us. If it means trouble please do not take it. Just now we need ten pounds per week to keep up our school. It is foolish of people, wishing to help us, to give extra trouble by sending through the general fund.
Last Easter Saturday we had spent out last dollar. Easter Sunday morning God sent us in a wonderful way, $375. It is good to see “His wonders in the deep.” You will be glad to know that I am keeping well and strong, enjoy(ing) my work, and that Miss Lambert and I are friends as well as fellow-workers. I do so trust she will rest in England for she works so hard on this side of the globe and is an invaluable missionary.
I owe her a great deal.

I am
Yours sincerely
Margaret E Barber

A typhoon is raging and there is scarcely a dry spot on the floor.


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