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Minutes of Standing Sub-Committee, Sept. 24, 1906

A meeting of the men’s Standing Sub-Committee was chaired by Mr. Lloyd to consider the minutes of the previous meetings. The minutes of the Women’s Standing Sub-Committee of Sept. 15, 1906 were read including an approval of Miss Barber’s request for another assignment. The minutes of the Men’s Committee were,

  1. “The Committee had before them the minutes of the Women’s S.S. Committee granting Miss Barber’s request that she might help in the Women’s School at Deng Doi. After full consideration of the matter the Committee are willing under the special circumstances of the case, to endorse the action of the Women’s S.S.C., but at the same time wish most emphatically to express its opinion that Miss Barber has given no real and valid reason for leaving her present work.”

William Muller Secretary of Committee

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