Spiritual Hunger as a Nine Year Old

Nine years old

This anecdote is relayed by Watchman Nee. If his second-hand quotation can be taken as a factual detail, then Miss Barber as a child met the Lord and entered into a sincere seeking for Him.

Nee’s Account

“A few months before Miss Barber died, I went to see her and spoke with her for a long time. I wondered why this sister had such profound spiritual experiences. I wanted to know the reason for this. I asked her why the Lord had been so gracious to her. She answered, ‘I do not know, I only know that I have always been hungry and I have always been eating. Since I was nine, I have always been hungry; I have never been content before the Lord for these many years. I might have received grace and revelation yesterday, but today I say to God, “You have more, and I want more. I want more all the time.” I am forever hungry and yet at the same time forever satisfied.’ Her spiritual attainment was so deep that few have even scratched the surface of it.”1


1 - Collected Works of Watchman Nee 42:250

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