Poems - We Are Waiting For Thee


Verse 1 We are waiting for Thee;
Blessed Savior, today,
To come to the air
And catch us away;
We stand with loins gridded,
And lamps burning bright,
Come, O savior, and take us,
For dark is the night.

Verse 2
We are waiting for Thee,
To Thy promise we cling;
All we are, all we have,
To Thy feet, Lord, we bring,
And beseech Thee to make us
For Thy presence complete,
Fulfil all Thy purpose,
For Thyself make us meet.

Verse 3
We are waiting for Thee,
As we seek for the lost,
As we tell of Thy love
And the infinite cost
Which made Thee our ransom
On Calvary’s tree;
Blessed Savior, we’re waiting,
We are waiting for Thee.

Meter: Irregular

  • Anchored To Infinity: 59
  • A Seed Sown In China: 191

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