Letters - 1905.11.27 Extract from Annual Letter


Girls’ Boarding-school
Nov. 27th, 1905

From Miss M. E. Barber

This year has been very eventful for this school. Miss Lambert returned after furlough in November last year. Miss Brooks returned to the city in February to begin the new term amongst her old haunts, and then Miss Lambert left again in June for England, leaving Miss Bushell and myself to run this school, which we are doing quite happily by the grace of God.

Signs of God’s favour have not been wanting, and just lately a mission held by a dear brother in Christ, Mr. Diong, of Ku-cheng, has been very fruitful in blessing. If I had time I could tell you of many of our scholars who are following Jesus in an ever-brightening pathway, and whose changed conduct proves the reality of their changed hearts. Still we press on, believing for even great things, and longing for the “floods upon the dry ground” which God has promised us.

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