Related Letters - 1906.05.08 Misses Barr & Bushell to Mr. Baring Gould


Miss Barr’s letter

Tah Ding Hospital.
8.May. 1906.

Dear Mr. Baring-Gould,

At a Meeting of the S.S.Com. of Women’s Conference held April 24 the following request from Miss Lambert of the Girl’s Boarding School, Foochow, was proposed, seconded, and passed unanimously;

“That in view of the fact that the furlough of Miss Barber, who was temporarily appointed to this School, is due next Autumn, and also that Miss Bushell may possibly be leaving to take up other work, the P.C. be earnestly requested to send out Miss Stubbs, who has offered for this School, as soon as possible, another lady being urgently needed to assist”. A letter from Miss Bushell approving of Miss Lambert’s request was read.

Also it was proposed, and passed “That as the Home Committees have requested further information re the proposed rescinding of the regulations which prevent ladies of the C.M.S. & C.E.Z.M.S. living & working together if necessary, we would point out that it was not intended to alter the present territorial arrangements, but simply to meet cases of urgent need in the districts.”

The Committee earnestly trust that the P.C. will grant their request and send Miss Stubbs out as soon as possible.

Yours very sincerely.
Martha R. Barr.
Secretary of Women’s Conference.

Rev. B. Baring-Gould. M.A.

Miss Bushell to Mrs. Lloyd

The following letter was enclosed with the above letter.

C.M.S. Girls’ School
April 23rd. 1906

To the Chairwoman of Ladies’ Conference -

My Dear Mrs. Lloyd,

I fully approve of Miss Lambert’s Proposition for Miss Stubbs to be appointed to help in the C.M.S. Girls’ Boarding School, Foochow.

I hope the way will shortly be opened for me to take up work among the small boys in Foochow City, but in any case another lady will be needed in this school, as Miss Barber was only temporarily appointed, and her furlough will be due next autumn.

Yours affectionately,
Jessy Bushell.

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