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Group of Lady Missionaries in Fuh-Kien


“Starting from the right (our left) the ladies standing at the back of the group are Miss Garnett (a Canadian worker), Miss J. E. Clark, Miss Goldie, Miss Little, Miss Barber, Miss Bushell (F. E. S.), and Miss Oatway. Those sitting in the middle are - Miss J. C. Clark, Miss Boileau, Miss Harrison, Miss Wolfe, Miss Annie Wolfe, and Miss Leybourn. Miss Clemson, Miss Brooks, Miss Andrews, and Miss Oxley sit upon the ground in front.”

Women Workers In Fuh-Kien.

This group is of special interest, including as it does the whole of the first party of lady-missionaries to proceed to Fuh-Kien after the massacre at Hwa-sang, together with a few of those who have been longer in the field. the eight members of that party, who left England in January, 1896, have now been located as follows:—Miss Little is stationed at Ning-Taik, near the coast, where Miss Boileau and Miss Janey Clark, who went out to China in 1889 and 1892 respectively, are working. The Misses Harrison and Andrews are stationed at Ko-sang-che, a market “village” (better described as a “town”) in Hok-chaing. The women’s work there is superintended by Miss Wolfe, elder daughter of the Archdeacon. Keng-Tau, another Hok-chiang village, is occupied by the Misses Barber and Oatway, while Miss Leybourn, a trained nurse, has been appointed to the same district. Miss Brooks is to assist Miss Annie Wolfe in the women’s work in Fuh-chow city. Miss Clemson helps Miss J. C. Clark (sister of the missionary at Ning-taik) in the Girls’ School at Fuh-ning. Miss Oxley, sent out by the New South Wales Association as soon as was permitted after the massacre, is at Lieng-kong. The remaining ladies included in the group are—Miss Bushell (F.E.S.), the valued principal of the Foo-chow Girls’ School; Miss Goldie, who went out to China in 1887, and is now stationed at Ku-cheng; and Miss Garnett, an independent worker who accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Boyd, of the Canadian Association, to Ku-cheng in 1895.

Picture and article were published in The Church Missionary Gleaner, Volume 24, Issue 279. 1897. London: Church Missionary Society.

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