Poems - The Days May Yet Grow Darker


Verse 1
The days may yet grow darker,
The nights more weary grow
And Jesus may still tarry,
But this one thing I know
The Lord will still grow dearer,
And fellowship will be
The closer and the sweeter,
Between my Lord and me.

Verse 2
‘Tis our dear Lord we wait for
Our Hope! Our Joy! Our Friend!
Himself we long to welcome,
And just beyond the bend
Hidden, perchance to meet us
Before the day is done,
The waiting will be over
And heaven will have begun.

Tune: Ewing
Earliest Known Publication: The Dawn vol 1, no 1, April 16, 1924 edited by D. M. Panton Hymnals:

  • Songs and Hymns of Life:
  • Hymns: 710
  • Christ in Song: 448
  • Hymns for the Little Flock:

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