Letters - 1900.10.15 on Furlough to Mr. Baring-Gould from Norwich


59 St. Martins Lane
October. 15, 1900

Dear Mr. Baring-Gould,

I left Foochow Sept. 2 and arrived at Southampton on Sunday morning. I was obliged to stay in London on my way home but was able to reach Norwich by morning today. I should be glad if you would kindly let me know when you wish me to come to London to see the Committee as I hear it is a rule of our Society that we should see our Committee within a month after arrival in England. Would you also please tell me what salary will be paid to me whilst I am on furlough as my funds are already exhausted and I have no private means. We had a very calm voyage home and are deeply thankful for all the journeying mercies God has showered upon us.

I am, dear Mr. Baring-Gould
Yours faithfully
Margaret E. Barber
Fukien Mission
South China


Home for her first furlough from the mission field, Miss Barber returns to her childhood home. Her family had moved to 59 St. Martins land when she was about age 10 and they appear to still be living there. When asking for her financial accommodations, she mentions that she had no private means, meaning as I understand, that her family did not have substantial wealth from which to support her.

There is an overall confident tone, both familiar and direct, with her superior. At age 34, with four years in the field, she is a seasoned missionary nearing the prime of her career. Her directness with money is something that she will change in the coming years. Eventually, only the Lord would know her needs and she’d address Him directly, and Him alone.

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