Related Letters - 1906.07.14 Bp. Price Precise Summary


Below is the summary of Bishop Price’s letter preserved in the Fukien Mission’s Precise book. In the margin, the letter is marked “m” for missing. The summary below indicates the import of Price’s communication.

Precise Summary

276.PRICE Bishop (Foochow) July 14. Recd. August 14.

(Correspondence between the Bishop and Miss Barber, and letters from the latter to B.B-G. appended).

Refers to the strain existing between Miss Bushell and Miss Barber, and to the latter’s desire to continue at the Foochow Girls’ Boarding School despite Miss Bushell’s wish for her transfer. Miss Lambert on being appealed to by Miss Barber with regard to her qualifications for educational work deprecated her continuance at the School, this resulting in Miss Barber being under the impression that some reflection on her character was being implied. Miss Barber has now appealed to the Women’s Conference, and proposes to leave for furlough after their Meeting.

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