Related Letters 1897.03.12 Baring-Gould to M. E. Barber


Church Missionary Society
Salisbury Square,
London, E. C.
March 12th, 1897

My dear Miss Barber,

Please accept my best thanks for your Annual Letter which we duly received at the commencement of the year. It is pleasant now to think of you as settling down to work in your new home. May you and those around you be abundantly encouraged in all your work for the Master. It is with great satisfaction that I have heard of the progress which you and your Missionary sisters have made in acquiring the language. I trust this has not been done to the detriment of the health of any of you.

And now I want to refer to a few which two or three of your letters of last autumn have raised in my mind. You must pardon my saying to you that it does appear to me that a common missionary danger threatens you, and I should not be a faithful friend did I not attempt to point it out. Is there not a real danger of your being somewhat tempted to look at the weaker side of those with whom you are associated? Little allusions to the Archdeacon, Miss Wolfe, and Miss Oatway, and even to the Native Christians, compel me to ask whether you are fully alive to the subtle danger which creeps on unseen and unsuspected until it becomes a grievous hinderance. Let me urge you to deep and constant watchfulness on this score. Many who have splendid zeal are tempted to forget the need also for being clothed with humility. To some it is easier to be humble in heart before God than humble in walk among their colleagues. Forgive me for writing thus strongly about what I fear for you, instead of waiting until that fear is either removed or confirmed.

The communications which have passed between us during the last 18 months have I trust fully assured you of my earnest desire to prove a real and true friend to you. Hence I have felt impelled to send you this note of friendly warning, assured that you will accept it in the spirit in which it is offered.

May the Lord fill you with all joy and peace and power and use you greatly to His praise.

Ever your sincere friend,
(Syd.) [?] B. Baring-Gould.
Sec. C.M.S.

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