Poems - Lift that Name high!


Verse 1
Lift that Name high! That glorious Name,
Let heav’n and earth its pow’r proclaim;
Our mighty conqu’ring coming King,
Earth yet shall with His praises ring.

Verse 2
Lift that Name high! To that high tower
We flee in every trial hour,
Safe, sheltered, satisfied and free;
For Jesus’ Name is victory.

Verse 3
Lift that Name high! Until one day
His mighty Name the earth shall sway,
And sin and death, distress and pain
Shall be no more, for Christ shall reign.

Verse 4
Lift that Name high! Jesus shall reign,
And kings shall follow in His train;
Lift that Name high, all names above,
The Name of Him we own and love.

Verse 5
Lift that Name high! For every knee
Shall bow to Him; Jesus shall see
Fruit of His Cross, when earth shall bring
Her tribute to her Lord and King.

Tune: Hesperus

  • Songs and Hymns of Life: 34
  • Hymns: 77
  • Christ in Song: 147
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