Letters - 1906.09.19 to Mr. Baring-Gould


Rec 10. 24

September 19th 1906

Dear Mr. Baring-Gould–

I have asked Mr. Lloyd to take my passage on the German Lloyd steamer leaving Dec. 15 & hope to come overland from Genoa.

Mrs. Lambert refuses to withdraw her statements against me & as I do not know what those statements are I have requested Women’s Conference to ask her to repeat them in my presence. Even a criminal has a right to hear the accusations brought against him! 

I told my District Committee last Saturday that I would gladly return to the school until Dec: if Mrs. Lambert would withdraw her statements, as she declined to do so I asked their permission to go to help Mrs. Newton at Deng Doi*. I am now awaiting Mr. Whites’ permission to do so, as it is his district, & when I get it, if I get it, I shall at once start for Deng Doi. As I am most anxious to save Conference the pain of Mrs. Lambert’s confessions I am giving her the opportunity of circulating a letter, a copy of what I enclose, contradicting the disgraceful things which are being said in this mission about me. If Mrs. Lambert will circulate this letter I will withdraw my appeal to Conference, which will then be left free to deal with the infringement of its rights. If Women’s Conference had been respected this trouble could not have arisen.

I am 
Yours Sincerely 
Margaret E. Barber 

Copy of the letter I have sent Mrs. Lambert to sign and circulate–
Dear Friends–
I am deeply pained at the reports which have been circulated about Miss Barber & take this opportunity of assuring you that I have nothing to do with the authorship of those reports for I know Miss Barber to be a high principled and pure minded woman whose character is above reproach.

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