Comparing Verses of a Pilgrim with Anchored to Infinity

The Verses of a Pilgrim includes a title at the beginning of each poem. We were only able to find these titles from a picture of the table of contents online. Interestingly enough, several titles are the same or similar to each other: there are three poems entitled “Rapture!””, two called “Obedience”, and two named “Waiting!” Many other titles do not clearly indicate the contents of the poem. For example, “Lift That Name High!” is entitled “Jehovah-Jesus”.

Thankfully, Anchored to Infinity states that, within it, The Verses of a Pilgrim’s contents were included verbatim. Thus, all the poems in Anchored to Infinity have the same titles found in Verses’ table of contents. Until a physical copy of Verses of a Pilgrim can be located, this is the only way to verify its contents. We have reproduced this content according to what is found in Anchored to Infinity.

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Sources - Anchored to Infinity by Christian Chen The Verses of a Pilgrim

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