Letters - 1907.01.16 to Mr. Baring-Gould


59 St. Martin’s
Jan. 16, 1907

Mr. Baring-Gould,

As you have probably by this time received the minutes of our Fukien Women’s Conference I venture to enclose two propositions which gave rise to two of our minutes.

Yours very sincerely
Margaret E. Barber

Propositions For Women’s Conference

Nov. 15, 1906

From Miss Melloy:—

“That Women’s Conference consider whether any of its members are justified in sitting on a committee with men in the majority, and discussing Women’s Work and Women Workers, without the consent of Conference having first been granted.”

From Miss J. C. Clarke:—

“That the Fuh Kien Conference be requested to authorise their Secretary to send a copy of any propositions affecting Women’s Work to the Secretary of Women’s Conference, for general circulation, a month before the Annual Meetings.”

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