Poems - Buried


Verse 1
Buried? Yes, but it is seed
From which Continents may feed;
Milllions yet may bless the day
When that seed was laid away.

Verse 2
Buried! hidden! out of sight!
Dwelling in the deepest night;
Losing, underneath the sod,
Everything, except its God.

Verse 3
Buried, unremember’d, lost–
So thinks man: but all the cost
God has counted to display
Life abundant one glad day.

Verse 4
Art thou buried? God’s pure seed
Doth thy heart in silence bleed?
Change thy sighing into song,
Thus alone can harvests come.

Earliest Known Publication: The Dawn Vol 1, no 12 March 14, 1925 edited by D. M. Panton Published:

  • Anchored To Infinity: 67
  • A Seed Sown In China: 148

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