Poems - Thou Magnet of My Soul

“This is My Beloved and This is My Friend.”

Verse 1
Thou Magnet of my soul!
Let me come nearer, till
The life of self pulsates no more,
But is forever still.

Verse 2
Thou Sunshine of my heart!
Fill Thou each crevice there,
And let Thy garden yield to Thee
A fragrance sweet and rare.

Verse 3
Thou Ransomer from death!
Possess Thy ransomed one:
Appropriate to Thine own use
The spoil that Thou hast won.

Verse 4
Thou Lord of Life and Light!
I bow beneath Thy sway,
And count it holy privilege
Thy precepts to obey.

Verse 5
Thou Gift unspeakable!
Straight from God’s heart of love;
I break my heart to give Thee room
And thus Thy sweetness prove.

Tune: Trentham

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“Thou Magnet of My Soul” by Margaret E. Barber – Sing With Me

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