Letters - 1898.05.10 MEB, Oatway & Suttor to Lloyd


May 10. 1898

Dear Mr. Lloyd,

We were very grieved indeed to receive your letter on Saturday telling us that you had received a telegram from the Church Missionary Society saying that we must leave this house at once.

We have prayerfully and thoughtfully considered this matter and we feel that we cannot possibly close the work here until Kuliang time. In the event of any of us feeling ill we promise faithfully to leave at once for Foochow. We are all here, at present, in good health.

Our reason for not at once complying with the wishes of our Society is, that we feel, our immediate removal from Keng Tau would have a most disastrous effect upon our work.

Feeling that you, who have been amongst us so recently & have seen the open doors all around us will realise the need for our decision.

We remain
Yours faithfully,
Margaret E. Barber
Florence. E. Oatway
Isabel Suttor

[Note. This letter is in MEB’s handwriting]

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