Letters - 1900.10.30 on Furlough to Mr. Baring-Gould from Liverpool


Liverpool Young Women’s Christian Association Bromboro House, Great George Square
Oct. 30, 1900

Dear Mr. Baring-Gould,

I arrived in L’pool [Liverpool] about 2.30 yesterday after a very easy journey. I shall be here until Nov 8 when my address will be c/0 Mrs. Orton
Bank House
West Chester

I enclose distances between the Hok-chiang stations. I hope they are clear. I wish I knew the Ning Daik distances as well but Miss Boileau does. I am trying to find a map of Hok-chaing to send you. It was drawn by a native and is fairly correct. I thank you most warmly for all your kindness and forbearance and for the pleasant and helpful time at Blackheath.

With kind regards
I am
Yours Sincerely
M. E. Barber

The following was included.

Hok-chaign C.M.S. stations and distances— Kang Cheng (the landing place from Foochow) to Hok-chaing city. 5 pns[?]1 or 15 miles— Hok-chiang city to Keng Tau, 12 miles Keng Tau to Ko-Sang-Che, 9 miles— Dr. Mabel Poulter and Miss Leybourne walked from Hok-chiang city to Ko-Sang-Che easily between breakfast and tea time, staying at Keng Tau for dinner. In addition to these stations thus close together there is the missionary’s house to be occupied at Hai Kan only 6 miles from Keng Tau and I should think about the same distance from Hok-chiang city. Also in the event of only two ladies being left at Keng Tau there is the American Methodist Mission at Ngn Ceng only three miles form Keng Tau with a resident lady doctor as well as the lady in charge of the school there and both these ladies are always most willing to help us in any way they can.


After visiting family, she now spends about a week in a town we know she lived in in her 20’s. Here she worked for the Liverpool Young Woman’s Christian Association and was a member of the Liverpool Ladies’ C.M. Union. It may be through these that she had close friends, companions and mentors to warrant a visit.

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1 - Coincidentally, the league—a unit of length commonly used in Europe and Latin America—is equivalent to 3 miles, meaning that the 15 miles as mentioned by Miss. Barber above is equivalent to 5 leagues. However, there is no record of “league” being abbreviated to “pns” nor to anything similar.

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